Jamais 2 sans 3

Cela fait déjà 2 fois que nous faisons affaires avec Shawna, une pour acheter un bien et l’autre pour la vente, et à chaque fois Shawna fait preuve de professionnalisme, de dynamisme, et ne compte pas ses heures pour nous offrir un service exceptionnel, elle a toujours là réponse à nos questions. C’est un plaisir de travailler avec elle, et comme je l’écris dans le titre jamais 2 sans 3, nous retravaillerons ensemble C’est sur !

Vente de mon condo

Ce fut ma première expérience mais j’ai adoré travaille avec elle. Elle s’est occupé de tout même au delà de ce que nous avons convenu donc je la recommande et j’ai obtenu un prix satisfaisant.

Je la recommande.

Highly recommend

Shawna did an excellent job. She was very patient, organized and professional. If you want to buy your dream home, Shawna will be the one right for you

Thank you

Thank you Shawna

Shawna was a pleasure to work with she was very patient and is very client oriented made sure to find us exactly what we were looking for , she is very dedicated! She went above and beyond and we are thankful. As first time home buyers we know it takes patience and She stayed patient the whole journey also always available ! I highly recommend her as an agent! We had a great experience working with her.

Thank you Shawna

Hjghly reccomended,very professional & patient.
She takes care...and makes sure everything goes smoothly...thank you Shawna!

Pleasure to work

Shawna was a pleasure to work with in selling our home. She is very knowledgeable and professional.

True to her word

We began working with Shawna to buy our first home in January 2019. After visiting many properties and being outbid in a very competitive market, she promised us that we will keep going until we find the perfect home! Together we saw many homes over a span of 6 months and finally we found the perfect one! Not once did Shawna seem burdened by the time she dedicated to us. Throughout our time with her we felt very comfortable and not rushed to make the biggest decision of our lives to date 😬 We were so happy with her work that it transpired into her renting a property for a family member, a deal that was closed in a matter of days! We are very grateful for Shawna’s dedication to us and look forward to having her as a guest in our home 😊

Very professional, I am highly recommend!

At the beginning of looking for our first house, we thought that we would spend 4-6 months to find the perfect home, until we met Perry. She made it happen within a month and we were able to move into our lovely home within 2 months from the date we start searching with her. I do not know how to express the great experience we had with Perry, just she is among one of the best people I have ever worked with. We all love and enjoy our new house we are in now, and for this, we would like to say thank you again, Perry.

Smooth Process

As a first time home buyer and a first time mother, I was nervous, yet anxious to purchase my new home. I had a lot of questions, and Shawna answered every one of them. Her professionalism and communication skills were exactly what I needed to make the biggest purchase of my life. Thank you Shawna for helping me find a HOME for me and my son.

Many Thanks

After many long months of searching for a house and turning up with no results. Shawna was introduced to me through a relative. I was a nervous reck with little time left in finding a new home. Shawna has always kept this calm, cool, humble demeanour about her. With my busy working schedule, she took the time to meet with the sellers and find me the perfect home. Thank you very much for your positivity, it helped me through those tough times, I’ll forever be grateful, wishing you all the best.

Professional, efficient and dedicated

Shawna was extremely professional, easy to work with and made it very simple by streamlining the process of filling out paperwork electronically. I found her to be extremely efficient overall.

I would definitely recommend her services if asked.

Very Professional

Shawna was referred from my nephew. From the very meeting with her, I found her to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. She seemed to be a real go-getter!
I would definitely use her again.

Always Delivering

We use Shawna for our property rentals and she is always delivering. She gets the best, top notch, tenants and professionals each time. That is hugely appreciated since we live out of town. Shawna has the workmanship to keep her clients satisfied and the professionalism to wheel in high level executives and athletes. We are truly happy with her services and we would recommend Shawna 10 out of 10 times.

The best

After being mistreated by other agents Shawna helped us find the right tenants for our property. Will use again and recommend for sure. THANKS!!!

Thank you Shawna !

Thank you Shawna!
I am so thankful to have you as an agent. Shawna is driven, honest, energetic ,dedicated, very accomodating and always smiling.Very kind and professional! We look forward to working with you again in the future.
I highly recommend Shawna Perry as a realtor!

Thank you Shawna!

Shawna Perry is driven, honest, energetic and always smiling! We bought our very first home with Shawna's help and we are extremely happy to have had her by our side. She put us at ease through the whole process, always offering us great advice and support. Thank you Shawna!

I highly recommend!

Always available, energetic and positive. If you are buying or selling, I highly recommend.

Merci !

Merci Shawna pour vos services.

I highly recommend Shawna Perry as a realtor!

I highly recommend Shawna Perry as a realtor! With her excellent work and guidance, she helped me find my perfect condo in the Plateau.

This was my first home purchase and Shawna walked me through all the steps clearly and patiently. She quickly got a sense of my style, and in a tricky housing market (a good condo in the Plateau might sometimes be snapped up the day it came on the market) she would send me great listings, would reorganize her day so that I could go see them, and would advise me so that I could make competitive bids. I always felt that Shawna would go above and beyond for me and her clients. She even left her vacation early so that she could be there for the condo inspection!!! She is fluent in both French and English and would translate documents for me and also walked me through the legalese so that I understood everything along the way.

If you are looking for a great realtor, look no further than Shawna - she made the home buying a simple and joyful experience! I have no doubt she can help find the perfect home for you!

Merci beaucoup pour ton service

J'ai fait affaire avec Shawna pour mon condo service rapide efficace et surtout elle fournit des conseils de qualité avec une attention particulière au detail. Son écoute active à mes besoins a parmi de résoudre le tout en moins d'une semaine . je la recommande fortement c'est pour cela je retourne toujours la voir au besoin Merci beaucoup pour ton service

Couldn't ask for more!

Very dedicated broker! Shawna worked efficiently and follows everything closely. She helped me rent out my place in less than a month. Couldn't ask for more!

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